What is MDCapsule?

MDCapsule provides patients with easier access to their health providers. MDCapsule’s user friendly patient management solution allows patients to invite all their health providers into one site that belongs to them. Patients can book appointments, receive customized educational material, and actively manage their health.

MDCapsule strongly believes that better health outcomes and better care can only be achieved when a strong relationship exists between a patient and their healthcare providers.

MDCapsule is built on a patient centered platform

View your Provider’s schedule and book an appointment that is convenient for you

Track your diaries (glucose, blood pressure, etc) with your care team in real time

Stay informed about your health with educational materials from those that know YOU best, your health care providers!

Send a direct message to one or more of your providers from your smartphone within seconds, and at your convenience.

Patients take charge of your health!



Contact your healthcare providers securely and directly. Don’t spend your time on hold with your provider’s office or having to call multiple offices


Get Involved

Track your health with MDCapsules diaries. Have your diaries accessible to all of your providers or a select few, it’s your choice.


Stay Informed

Receiving regular updates will keep you more informed but most importantly, closer to the people that are involved in keeping you healthy…your healthcare team!

Health providers enhance your practice!



Offer patients easy options to communicate with your practice, attract and retain patients, reduce no shows! Online scheduling and appointment reminders are just a few of the great features available.



Be an active part of your patients’ health care team. Join in the conversation and receive feedback about their progress.



Offer patients educational materials approved by you or upload your own. Have your forms and office literature available to your patients online.

  • “MDCapsule has proven to be a very valuable addition to my clinical practice.”

  • “MDCapsule is about being connected to my patients and their entire health care team. It is about informing, being informed, and facilitating the healthcare process for the patient.”

  • “OMG thank you SO MUCH!Wow this was way easier than calling in to the office and my mind is soooo much more at ease and the work day has just begun, TY!!”