MDCapsule has pioneered a secure platform that allows patients to invite all of their health and wellness providers into one site that belongs to them. No need for multiple patient portals with multiple passwords and no interoperability or communication amongst their various Providers.

The Personal Care Capsule is a revolutionary mobile medical-social platform built specifically for healthcare providers and their patients.

As a healthcare provider

  • How do you inform your patients about updates from your office such as changes in office hours?
  • How do you inform your patients about upcoming vaccination clinic dates or new services offered?
  • How do you inform your patients about a recent news article on the benefits of certain foods?
  • How do you inform your patients that you are going on vacation?
  • How do you obtain feedback from the physical therapist or dietician on your patient’s progress with the therapy you prescribed?
  • How do you follow up with a patient, their visiting nurse or home health nurse after a hospitalization for an illness or surgery?
  • How can you do this securely and within seconds?

The Personal Care Capsule can help you do all that and more…and all you need is a smartphone or tablet and 10 minutes to setup.
Currently, most systems such as electronic medical records or electronic health records have patient portals that operate as independent silos. In other words, a patient has access to a single provider but there is no communication between providers across health systems, no care team approach and no participation or collaboration with the patient.
With the Personal Care Capsule, a patient has their ENTIRE care team accessible to them from one site. EVERYONE in the patient’s Personal Care Capsule can talk to one another and be involved in the health care process alongside the patient. MDCapsule strongly believes that better health outcomes and better care can only be achieved when a strong relationship exists between a patient and their healthcare providers.

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