Electronic Health Info Petition

Have you always wanted easy, online access to your medical records? Did you know that in every state but one, someone else owns YOUR medical records? Take a look at this chart, which outlines exactly who owns your medical records. Are you as shocked and appalled as we are?

If so, take a quick moment to check out this Electronic Health Info Petition. Let the lawmakers, hospitals, Insurance companies etc. know that you care about quick, secure and complete access to your medical records. In a health care system that is fragmented and your Doctors and other health providers cannot easily communicate with each other, it is vitally important for each patient to know exactly what is in their medical records, at all times.

Changing the Status Quo is never easy and your voice is needed now, more than ever before. MDCapsule cares about your total health care, but we can not do it alone. Please complete this quick petition where nobody will call, write or ask you for money. Let them know you want to take control of YOUR health.