The Great Divide: Dr/Patient Relationship

“Joan Eisenstodt didn’t have a stopwatch when she went to see an ear-nose-and-throat specialist recently, but she is certain the physician was not in the exam room with her for more than three or four minutes.

He looked up my nose, said it was inflamed, told me to see the nurse for a prescription and was gone, said the 66-year-old Washington, D.C., consultant, who was suffering from an acute sinus infection.”

Fear Not Ms. Eisenstodt, you are not alone!

It’s no secret to anyone who has had to visit a Doctor in the past couple years, the distance between Doctor & patient is growing at an alarming rate. Patients are feeling “rushed” and not “cared for”, while providers are growing increasingly frustrated having to spend their limited time addressing administrative duties, I.E. “checking the right boxes” so they can get paid.

An article written by Bernadette Keefe, MD really brings home ALL the issues facing both patients and providers in our current, fragmented healthcare system.

This issue is near and dear to our hearts and we implore anyone who is frustrated at the current state of affairs,  to read this article. Change will come when both patients and providers come together for meaningful dialogue.

Join the #hcldr community as they talk about “slow medicine” on Tuesday November 4th at 8:30pm Eastern Time on Twitter. MDCapsule will be there to join in on this important discussion. We hope to tweet you there!

If you are unable to attend, your thoughts and/or feedback  regarding how we can get that vital relationship back, are truly appreciated. As a patient, what is most important to YOU?