MDCapsule CEO panels Schwartz Center “Thought Leadership Breakfast” on technology and the patient-caregiver relationship.

The Schwartz Center  was founded by cancer patient Ken Schwartz, who desired to strengthen the relationship between patients and caregivers through compassionate health care. The main mission of the Schwartz Center is to preserve and protect the human connection in healthcare.

MDCapsule applauds these efforts and it was an honor to speak at this most worthwhile event. Along with our CEO-Dr. . Nathalie Majorek, the panel consisted of other forward-thinking Executives in Healthcare such as, John Glaser PHD-Chief Executive Officer, Siemens Health Services; John Halamka, MD-Chief Information Officer, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center & Charlotte Yeh, MD– Chief Medical Officer, AARP Health

From the Schwartz Center White Pages (click here), among the major themes and recommendations that emerged from the Boston discussion were:

• Electronic health record (EHR) systems can be powerful tools for advancing patient-caregiver relationships, but they must capture the psychosocial aspects of patients’ lives as well as their medical information.
• New technologies need to be able to capture the warmth and compassion of in-person communication.
• Data capture, which technology does quite well, has its limits. Technology must also be able to convert information into insight.
• Physicians are generally unhappy with their EHR systems—for reasons that include the difficulty of entering data and the time necessary to do so. expired domain list EHR systems should be made simpler and easier to use, and the burden on physicians should be spread to
other clinicians and “scribes” hired to accompany clinicians and collect and enter patient data into the EHR.
• Health information communication gaps must be solved by improving interoperability among EHR systems.

You may also view the main highlights in this 18 video, presented by the Schwartz Center. (YouTube).