New Year’s Resolution a MUST for chronic illness.

By Cindy Swett

As Lottie V Ryan, writes, this is one New Year’s Resolution everyone living with a chronic illness must make.

“Every day I will concentrate on what I CAN do (and never dwell on what I can’t do).

If this is your only intention for 2015 it will be a far better year than previous years.

You can expect that many days will be full of small “CANS,” when simply wiggling your toes in bed, or taking a shower is as much as you CAN do. Other days will be full of big “CANS” when you can play with your children, go on adventures, meet friends and have great times.

Whatever the CAN is you will quickly find that your entire outlook on your life is changing for the better and you’ll realize that your illness is not the end of all good things. More importantly you’ll acknowledge that you are capable of so much more than you have previously believed and as those little CANs build up you’ll start to achieve surprising things.

One thing is for certain this resolution CAN make 2015 a better year, despite it all.”

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