Sen. Elizabeth Warren- HELP Hearing on Health IT

While it is sad that in 2015 we need a hearing outlining the importance of sharing patient’s medical info among their various medical providers, the truth is, we do.

Thankfully, we have Sen. Elizabeth Warren  spearheading the movement to bring this vitally important issue to the forefront. I urge anyone who has ever had to face the never-ending roller coaster ride that is our healthcare system, to watch this quick 6 minute video on the importance of healthcare info exchange, headed by  Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

The main points outlined  are as follows:

1) 75% of small practice Doctors are currently using an Electronic Health Record (EHR) in their practice, with 3/4 of them reporting it has actually slowed their practice down.
2) EHR’s initially promised to improve efficiency, decrease cost and provide higher quality of care. (see#1)
3) According to MI Health Info Share Services, Doctors know their patients have been hospitalized only 27% of the time. Once incentives were given to hospitals to share this info, all of them started doing it. (Eureka!)
4) Sen. Warren concludes that we need to create interoperability within healthcare exchange(YES!!!!)

Watch this video, share this video and if so inclined, let Sen. Warren know  you applaud her efforts to get our Health care system working together for YOU. cheap hotels .